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Ugandans blast Museveni’s son Gen. Muhoozi over his presidential bid

TAKE YOUR TORERO IN PEACE! Ugandans blast first son Gen. Muhoozi for swearing to defeat opposition to succeed his father Museveni (Screenshots)

Immediately after the violent 2021 presidential elections, the term “Muhoozi Project” has been in the ears of Ugandans with many critics pushing it in the media to see it come to light come 2026.

State House corridors have speculations that claim that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will soon retire or might not even participate in the 2026 presidential elections to leave for his son (Muhoozi Project) to succeed him.

Seems the project is working and the first son Gen. Mugoozi Kainerugaba has finally hinted at the Presidency job.

Through his Twitter handle late last evening, he told the opposition that he’s confident of a win in an election when his father Museveni is no longer President.  

“To the Ugandan opposition, after my father, I will defeat you badly in any election. Ugandans love me more than they’ll ever love you,” Said Muhoozi.

The statement prompted many Ugandans to believe that the earlier claimed “Muhoozi Project” is now official.

His statement has turned off Ugandans who have since been bitterly attacking him on Twitter.

Here are some of the responses to Muhoozi:

However, other few support the project.

“With this United force of Muhoozi army, the opposition will never exist in Uganda, they are hindering development,” Okware Albert said.

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