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Grenade Official finally opens up on why he parted ways with Jeff Kiwa

Details about why Jeff Kiwa split with singer Grenade emerge

Musician Grenade Official has opened up on why he parted ways with Team No Sleep (TNS) boss Jeff Kiwa.

Grenade and Jeff Kiwa started working together after Sheebah left. He was like the replacement but things didn’t work out so well between them.

After a few months of working together, Grenade was dumped by Jeff Kiwa and told to go and work on himself with any management of his choice.

People have been wondering what could be the reason behind their separation.

According to Grenade Official, Jeff Kiwa is hard to work with business-wise. He is not that paying even after working all he does is take away the money.

Grenade said other reasons are personal and he doesn’t like talking about them in public although the truth is he is no longer working with him.

“I am no longer working with Jeff Kiwa in terms of my business in music. The reason behind our separation are personal but all you need to know is about business,” Grenade Official said.

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