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Our Arrogance makes us think we are irreplaceable – MC Kats stings Caroline Marcah

SCREENSHOTS: Caroline Marcah destroys MC Kats as bitter raw takes fresh twist

Mcee and legendary media personality Katamba Edwin also known as MC Kats has continued to attack ex-girlfriend Caroline Marcah.

Caroline Marcah and MC Kats were in a relationship for a few years. The two started dating during Covid-19 time but after the lockdown things didn’t go as expected.

Kats having Fille Mutoni the baby mama who he vowed to love for the rest of his life, Caroline Marcah couldn’t handle the pressure when the two got back together.

A video was released on social media of MC Kats attacking Caroline Marcah and abusing her on how he has been helping her. [Read Story Here].

None of the two commented on the video but they have both been using social media to attack each other indirectly.

It was Caroline Marcah first who attacked MC Kats telling him how short he is and how short men don’t deserve to be loved by anyone.

Now MC Kats is hitting back in different posts telling Caroline Marcah how she has nothing and how she is not real to herself.

Yesterday MC Kats posted again saying some people think they are irreplaceable because of their arrogance.

“Our Arrogance makes us think we are irreplaceable” MC Kats tweeted.

It should be noted that ever since the video made rounds, MC Kats has been spotted with different girls even putting on matching clothes.

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