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Young men who claimed Pastor Kayanja sodomized them die in their own movie, here’s all you need to know

Young men who claimed Pastor Kayanja sodomized them die in their own movie, here’s all you need to know

It has been revealed that a group of youths who went on social media and accused Pastor Robert Kayanja of Lubaga Miracle Centre Church that he sodomized them, it came up after the latter refused to meet their demand.

The group of ‘thieves’ wanted each to get 50 million shillings [Fifty million shillings] from Pastor Robert Kayanja, a request he didn’t give ears.

The key mastermind behind the botched blackmail is a one David Asiimwe alias David Mukulu who aired out a video on Tiktok after his demands were turned down.

Videos on Tiktok a few days ago showed two young men attacking Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle centre Rubaga.

In the videos, they alleged that Pastor Kayanja had sodomized them along with a number of other young men.

However, after much digging the two men have been identified as David Asimwe aka David Mukulu and Mapengo Bayichi who once worked under the Robert Kayanja ministries.

Sources revealed that they once were in charge of the youth chicken project a project they mishandled and ran it down after misusing all the funds from and for the project.

After running down the project the two together with another called Dan Wiz carried out a movie like plan to find ways and means to get money from the Man of God.

With the backing of two prominent pastors, one based in Bwaise and the other battling a divorce case they came up with the said videos on TikTok in which they aired out the said allegations.

As all this played out, they reached out to Pastor Ivan the Director of the Never again orphanage under the Robert Kayanja Ministries with a number of demands that if not met they would go ahead with the blackmail. The demands were put in writing and signed as attached.

Bayichi demanded 50 million to build a house and set up a piggery, David Mukulu also demanded 50m to buy two cars to use for Uber.

Dan Wiz also requested the same amount so as to set up businesses of their choice.

However, their demands were not met and they kept threatening to take further action like addressing press conferences and opening up cases against Kayanja at different police posts.

The question, therefore, is why are such young men who were welcomed by the Rubaga Miracle centre family hell bound on tarnishing the name of Pastor Kayanja and what exactly is the motive of those behind them.

For starters, the Parliament of Uganda on Tuesday passed a bill criminalizing homosexuality in the country. [Read Story Here].

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