Home Entertainment Artin Pro narrates how he turned a producer & singer

Artin Pro narrates how he turned a producer & singer

Artin Pro narrates how he turned a producer & singer

Axtra Nation studio CEO Artin Pro after a long time of seating on big hits in the country has revealed how he turned into a producer and yet his dream was being a singer.

He says for the very first time trying music wasn’t easy because it turned out to be so expensive and opt for another thing in the music industry. He said this wasn’t easy for him because his dream was turning into a singer since most of his relatives do sing in church.

According to him, he decided to learn production leaving his dream at the back a thing he did for fun but later decided to make a career.

“When I was starting I mainly wanted to be a singer, because, in our family, many of my relatives are singers in church. But singing was too expensive for me. You need to pay studio, video so I decided to first learn production,

It wasn’t hard for me to learn how to produce music since I had my OB called John Mary, he is a big producer of gospel music.

I went to his studio and asked him for help and he was okay with it and that is how started learning and getting connections so I didn’t start from scratch like other people it was quite easy for me,” Artin Pro said.

His first as a producer was “Byenyanya” by Fik Fameica which viral and gave him confidence to go ahead with the career. He since then has done music with different artistes including Rickman Manrick’s Bango,Yaka by Karole Kasita among others.

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