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“Insult my father, I will pay in the same currency,” Tamale Mirundi Junior sounds warning

Tamale Mirundi Junior bitterly attacks Ashburg Kato over his current looks after betroying Bobi Wine

Tamale Mirundi Junior warns Ugandans who have made it work insulting his father Tamale Mirundi senior after he mocked the king of Muganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi ll in an interview with a local YouTuber a few days ago.

Junior in a live video on his Facebook page said because people don’t admit the truth, they decided to prove their insulting skills by attacking his father.

He said Ugandans are good at insulting, they want to do all possible to make his family apologise but he cleared up saying they are not ready to make any apologies.

He on that said that when one does a fault, they are always taken to court for a judgment and that’s what they should do than make judgments themselves on things they don’t understand.

He however said he is objected to protecting his father and his family so anyone insulting his father should face him because he is ready to face whoever comes his way.

” You insult my father, I insult you whoever you are,” he said.

Tamale Junior added added no one can scare his family, insight them, and stop his father from being hosted by Kasuku as they thought because people will say the truth.

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