Home Entertainment “Am Uganda’s best rapper,” Navio declares himself the rap king

“Am Uganda’s best rapper,” Navio declares himself the rap king

Klear Kut

During an interview with a local media house, Daniel Lubwama Kigozi aka Navio claimed that he is the best rapper in the country.

He said this when he was asked to give a list of the three Ugandan rappers he thinks are the best in Uganda.

While answering the question he fulfilled a saying that urges one to put themselves first in whatever they do when he put his name number one on the list.

Navio went ahead and mentioned Da Myth as second on the list and Flex D’Paper in the third position leaving out GNL Zamba, Feffe Bussi, and Gravity Omutujju one of the known rappers in the country.

However, Navio has been a part of the African supergroup one 8 since 2910 with other members such as Fally Ipupa from Democratic Republic of the Congo, 4×4 from Ghana, Ali Kiba from Tanzania among others. Their first released song was “Hands Across the World”, which was written and produced by R. Kelly.

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