Home Entertainment Julie Mutesasira blasts Suzan Makula

Julie Mutesasira blasts Suzan Makula

Julie Mutesasira blasts Suzan Makula

Canada-based Ugandan Gospel musician Julie Mutesasira has responded to Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo’s wife Suzan Makula saying they have never been friends.

She was responding to Suzan Makula after claiming she has been recruiting Ugandans to join her in the LGBT community.

Suzan Makula said she was friends with Julie Mutesasira when she was still in Uganda but after she left, and joined the LGBT community the friendship ended.

Responding to the claims, Julie Mutesasira said she has never been friends with Suzan Makula. She added that she just got to know her upon a visit to Salt media where she had taken her songs to get airplay.

“By the way, Suzan used to play my songs era I used to take them to her ku salt but I didn’t know she was co Habbiting with a married man. Just like she didn’t know my sexuality. Yes true I knew her but we were not friends 👍hope that answers the question if I knew her,” Julie Mutesasira posted.

It should be noted that Julie Mutesasira came out as lesbian years ago when she got married to fellow woman Lynette in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

At the moment, she is staying with all her children who moved to Canada two years ago as they pursue their education.

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