Home Entertainment Daddy Andre dated me using Bible verses – Nina Roz narrates

Daddy Andre dated me using Bible verses – Nina Roz narrates

Songstress Nina Roz original name Kakunda Rose has narrated her hilarious marriage story with fellow singer and music producer Daddy Andre.

She said Andre dated her through Bible verses and prayers they used to attend with each other.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz got married a few months after dating. Their marriage was very short and people wondered if it was a real marriage or if it was just a stunt.

In an interview with a YouTuber, Nina Roz said her marriage to Daddy Andre was very real and genuine from her side.

The time she met Daddy Andre, she was so much in need of love and someone to lean on. As she was battling drug addiction, depression, and stress, she just wanted someone who would listen to her.

When she met Daddy Andre, he became that person who was into the church and at the same time gave her time to listen to her problems.

After trusting her, Daddy Andre proposed to marry her and without hesitation, she accepted and that’s how the Kukyala ceremony happened.

“Me and Daddy Andre were friends first. When we became close I had problems I was depressed and I needed Christ in my life. By then Daddy Andre was so much into the church and him telling me Bible verses made me fall for him and that’s how we got married,” Nina Roz revealed

It should be noted that Nina Roz and Daddy Andre’s marriage lasted for only three months.

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