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Pastor Jengo to face jail

Pastor Jengo to face jail after failing to pay off debt of UGX28.5 millions

The late Pastor Yiga’s son Pastor Andrew Jengo of Revival Church in Kawaala is likely to face jail after he failed to pay off a debt worth UGX28.5 million.

The lady demanding pastor Jengo was identified as Camilla. She said she lent pastor Jengo 28.5M but he has refused to pay it back.

This lady said she went police and they called pastor Jengo but he refused to go to the stations.

According to Camila, she always lent money even to his dad the late Pastor Yiga and he always paid back. Pastor Jengo has also always paid but this time he has ghosted her.

“I am in the media to ask for help so that Pastor Jengo can pay me back my money. My children are home seated without school fees just because someone refused to pay me back my money. I have been calling him, even going to police but nothing has been done for me. I need my money back,” The lady told the media

Ever since Pastor Yiga died, Pastor Jengo has been going through so many things of which most of which are debts and family issues.

It said that Pastor Yiga’s left debts himself and as a way of paying them back Jengo used other debts and they are accumulating day by day.

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