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“I am who I am because of Jeff Kiwa,” Singer Rahmah Pinky pile praises

Raising star and former Team No Sleep (TNS) artiste Rahmah Pinky has praised Jeff Kiwa for making her who she is at the moment.

Pinky started working with Jeff Kiwa after he separated ways with his long-time artiste Sheebah Kalungi.

When Rahmah Pinky was introduced to the music industry, she was compared to Sheebah and some people called her a copy cat saying she is not going to make it.

Fortunately, ‘Picha’ hit maker found her way and made hit songs with the push of her manager Jeff Kiwa.

Although rumor has it that the two are no longer working together, Rahma Pinky still owes her success to him saying she would be nowhere if he didn’t help her.

Winning the best song of the year at the Zzina Awards 2023, Rahma Pinky said she couldn’t be more grateful for Jeff Kiwa and other people that helped her get successful.

“I am what I am because of Jeff Kiwa and I am winning all the awards i am winning because of him. People don’t know how grateful I am and the haters that used to say I can’t make it should know that God chose me and I am here to keep giving you hit songs,” Rahma Pinky said.

About allegations of feeding her beans to the TNS boss, Pinky said people are free to say whatever they want but her God knows the truth,

“People are free to say whatever they want, My God knows the full truth.I know some are saying all they are saying because they are jealous and others are just haters who don’t wish me to progress. But am here to do what God sent me to do and i will succeed,” Pinky.

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