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Pallaso Reunites with Sheebah Karungi, Gives Reasons Why

No more beef and music wars between musicians Pallaso and Sheebah Karungi after reuniting back as friends. The Sucker Free Boss has given reasons for his reunion with Sheebah Karungi.

It has been years ever since the two former close friends and musicians attached to Team no Sleep decided to bitterly split following the death of AK 47 (Pallaso’s brother).

Sheebah and Pallaso who had set up a good relationship with collabos like ‘Go down low” and even rumoured to be dating, fell out bitterly to a dead end of diss songs such as ‘Bagwamu’ and ‘Wantama.’

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In an exclusive radio interview with Galaxy FM, the ‘Malamu’ singer came out to reveal how he buried the hatchet with Sheebah as they are back as friends and workmates.

According to Pallaso, some of the key points that influenced their reunion range from the fact that they have hustled with Sheebah from zero and the need to fight for their royalties from their music, it was indeed worthwhile to come back to talking terms.

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“We just stopped talking with Sheebah but we started talking again. We are hugging, laughing and talking again, Sheebah is my hoomie. One of the factors that influenced our reunion was the need to unite and fight for our royalties through the Uganda National Music Federation since we need value for our hard work,” said Pallaso.

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