Home Entertainment “Martha Mukisa is Musically Talented than Kapa Cat” Gravity Omutujju

“Martha Mukisa is Musically Talented than Kapa Cat” Gravity Omutujju

Local rapper Gereson Wabuyu alias Gravity Omutujju believes singer Martha Mukisa is more musically talented than fellow musician Kapa Cat.

While putting the two female musicians on the weighing scale in relation to the ‘Busy’ singer’s recent flopped concert, the “Music Terrorist” has revealed how Black Magic Entertainment signee can’t be matched with the ‘Understand’ singer.

Gravity Omutujju asserts how Martha Mukisa is many miles ahead of Kapa Cat in terms of lyrical maturity and content in her songs.

The ‘Okwepicha’ singer has laughed at those comparing Martha Mukisa’s talent to that of Kapa Cat despite getting a sizable crowd of people at her concert at Freedom City as he claims Martha is vocally talented and by far better than Kapa Cat.

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According to Gravity, Martha Mukisa’s vocal ability falls in the same class with the likes of Rema Namakula and other top artists.

Gravity has instead rallied Martha Mukisa to focus at the top because staging a concert at Freedom City moves her status to another level from the likes of Kapa Cat whom he believes she still has a lot to do musically after working with her on a collabo titled Centre which failed to mesmerize the local airwaves.

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“I think Martha got the fans that she deserves so far at her level. Sometimes you need to put up a situation and evaluate yourself. So, I’m sure one day she will get there. That’s how most of us started. She also shouldn’t listen to the critics, none of them musically is at her level.

Take an instance of Kapa Cat, I did a song with her but it failed to work out. I can sleep on my mother to prove the fact that Kapa Cat is not at Martha’s level.

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Kapa Cat with her songs is just like me trying to hustle and make ends meet.”Gravity Omutujju