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Singer Pretty Glo Grateful to Good Samaritans for the Support While Fighting Drugs

Faded singer Gloria Ingabire alias Pretty Glo has expressed gratitude to all the good Samaritans that supported her while fighting drug abuse-related issues.

Steadily winning over the battle of drug abuse, Pretty Glo has hit her socials to applaud everyone that came through, took a stand, as well as offering assistance at a time when she most needed it while still messing up with drugs.

From being in and out of rehabilitation centers over drug related issues to topping gossip columns as an alleged thief, Pretty has been in a hell of a ride during her recovery while fighting drug usage.

The former Wafagio dance and singing group member has then used her experience to caution fellow youth from going down the same road like her as well as encouraging good Samaritans not to rest as far as giving a hand to other vulnerable groups like the gays and lesbians.

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“As u can clearly see and testify that this #healing process all started as a joke. Like most of you/myself too wasn’t so sure abt this sudden change could get to here or past this stage without REHAB like most pipo thought i needed, i read a post sometime back when one Tuff B Sekidde stated that i didn’t need reharb but help, someone out there needs to be given attention,ear,help hence taking some clear measures rather than sit back watch,judge,laugh, pin them down or imprison them. just do something for drug/weed users, addictive smorking habbits/alcoholic/gayism/lesbianism such a person in that same kind of state is just a victim # Its now clear evident/proof to me that when GOD Says, he comes to intervene quickly……#U feel like u have been defeated, n one clearly wants to understand u, i say to you its well, #just believe just like she did. THANKS TO WHOEVER stood and did something in my worst times even da little counted even much more than those who just mocked me and made fun of me. Yesterday,today is me,some oneelse and tomorrow it could be u,ur bro,sis,family member. Atleast lets all just learn from our past mistakes. #We will be able to see the better UGANDA all want. #We all need to live and love more …….STORY OF A GHETTO TELLER,” states Pretty Glo through her socials.