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“Grace Khan is a just friend, that’s her position in my life,” Kojja Kitonsa clears air

For a while, there has been allegations that singer Grace Khan and local herbalist Kojja Kitonsa shared a bed together. The romour started at a time when Kitonsa claimed to be the singer’s manager.

Hours after his wife Sumaya welcomed a bouncing baby girl, the romour resurfaced with many questioning why the famous herbalist didn’t choose the singer for marriage level since they were madly in love.

During an interview with Boom Uganda, Kitonsa cleared the air revealing that he has only married one woman in his entire life, and that is the woman that gave him his only baby girl.

Kojja Kitonsa added that the rest he has been involved with in relationships have been friends to him nothing more.

Kitonsa with Grace Khan

“I have only married one woman. However, many friends have been around but it’s one woman i have ever married and I will show her love because she is the I have ever married,” He said.

He went ahead and said all stories said about his relationship with singer Grace Khan are completely false because she is just a friend to him.

“Grace Khan is just my friend. I don’t know her husband not even the dad to her child she has never told me about him but she is just a friend to me and that’s her position in my life,” Kojja Kitonsa.

It is recalled that the two had a serious relationship in 2019-2020 and this was confirmed by Kitonsa when he said he was sleeping around with the singer.

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