Home Entertainment “Am not perfect, every blessing comes with a curse,” Jose Chameleone confesses

“Am not perfect, every blessing comes with a curse,” Jose Chameleone confesses

Singer Jose Chameleone real name Joseph Mayanja has revealed why it’s so easy to make it into the limelight nowadays.

Legendary singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone has revealed that he is not perfect as people think because every blessing comes with a curse.

Jose Chameleone has been in the music industry for more than 25 years. He was lucky that he rose to fame at the very young age of 19 years.

Like any other teenager, fame is hard to handle especially when it starts bringing in money. And with the behavior that Chameleone created at that age, has been following her up to now.

The talented singer recently had an incident where he became very violent in public. It was said that a Boda Boda man scratched his car and he moved out with a stick and started hitting him.

So many people were disgusted with Jose ChameleonE’s behavior some called police out to hold him accountable for whatever he did.

According to Jose Chameleone, he is also a human being and he gets angry at times. Beating a boda boda rider was out of anger and he had no way of controlling it.

He apologized but asked fans to consider him human and not perfect because he has the same blood and lives the same life as any other person.

“I am not perfect. Every blessing comes with a curse. Sometimes my behavior and anger gets out of control like any other person’s and people should understand that i am human too. Whatever happened I am sorry to fans I didn’t expect it to be that way,” Jose Chameleon said.

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