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Spark TV’s LiveWire Changes to Daily Soup Gossip Show, Immy Candice and Flavia Mawagi Apologize to Fans

The popularly known Spark TV LiveWire gossip show has changed name to “Daily Soup” as it’s presenters Immy Candice and Flavia Mawagi apologized to Fans for their recent live TV burst up.

Ever since being dumped by its pioneers Zahara Totto and Anna Talia Oze who crossed over to Next Media, Spark TV were yet to rebrand the LiveWire gossip show that had won over hearts of many Ugandans.

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However, as a way of rebranding it so as to attract it’s traditional viewership back to Serena Hotel, the LiveWire co-hosts Immy Candice and Flavia Mawagi decided to start up a fake fight live on TV that has since worked up by enabling their bosses to have room for a change of their program and launch a new new one dubbed “Daily Soup.

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Upon return to the set, the pair started by apologizing to their viewers over their alleged misbehaviour before launching a new thing of their new gossip show dubbed “Daily Soup.

“Daily Soup” will be airing weekly to replace LiveWire gossip show but the time going back to 8:00pm from 10:30pm, the hours they moved it from when UCC passed the new directive.

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