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My concert was too big and expensive for haters to handle – Spice Diana boasts critics

Spice Diana

Singer Spice Diana real name Namukwaya Hajjara has no kind words for people who are critising her big Lugogo Cricket Oval concert.

The concert happened last weekend and since then it has been a talking point on social media and the media houses.

Some people claimed it was boring and others say Spice Diana had a fake performance on live band, however, she is not about to take the criticism lightly.

According to Spice Diana, those that wanted perfection should have gone on YouTube to listen to her recorded songs because her real fans were there to enjoy her as a person.

“My concert was too big and expensive for haters to handle. I understand your pain mbu live band tebyanyumye did you expect me to sing like Celine Dion? I am Spice Diana or you expected a semi-live like your other….
You can listen to my recorded songs on YouTube if you wanted perfection. Meanwhile, it was my 4th concert so my gadgets came expecting me to sing like I did. That’s why a Spice Diana fan will always turn up and enjoy me. Contented and not bothered. So y’all witches byabasaze. Okay talk about the numbers, the stage, lighting and costumes…. You can’t coz everything was 10 over 10 minus nothing.
For the first time in 6 months have had some good sleep let me go back to sleep again,” Spice Diana said.

It should be noted that Spice Diana is rated as one of the biggest female artistes in Uganda.

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