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MC Kats’ “King of the Mic” to light up Kampala this January, it’s big & better

MC Kats'

After a while, the “King of the Mic” is back in Kampala. Get your dancing shoes ready and anticipate being thrilled by the best.

This year’s event will take place on Saturday, January 28, 2023, at wonderworld, Kansanga.

King of the Mic 2023 edition experience will see musicians buy tickets for their fans to attend the show as a way of giving back to them to appreciate the endless support.

The event which will be hosted by the legendary emcee himself will also feature the King of the Mic fans’ talent search.

The event is also expected to feature top artistes, DJs, and MCs, and media personalities.

The show will go for UGX 50,000 VIP and UGX 15000 general.

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