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Will Ugandans demand boy child’s justice the same way they did for Pretty Nicole? Questions Bruno K

BREAKING: Kaftah Queen, the prime suspect in assaulting Pretty Nicole arrested
Kaftah was arrested for beating Pretty Nicole

Singer Bruno K real name Bruno Kigundu has requested Ugandans to fight for a boy child’s rights like the way they fight for a girl’s rights.

This came after all Ugandans on social media cooperated to call out the police to deliver justice to Pretty Nicole who was seen being beaten by Kafteh in a viral video.

Bruno K was among the first celebrities who were fighting for Pretty Nicole’s justice and her rights after watching the video.

Indeed the one voice from Ugandans worked, police intervened and arrested Keftah. (Read Story Here).

According to Bruno K, he likes the fact that almost the whole country came together to make sure Pretty Nicole is fine but he doesn’t know if it would be the same with a boy child or a man if he happens to face the same act.

“I love how the whole country fought for the young lady to find justice. But my question here is, if it was a boy or a man would we do the same? In most cases the rights of the boy child are ignored and I find it not right,” Bruno K posted.

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