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VIDEO: “Bebe Cool is very stupid,” Kato Kubwama roasts singer over annual “Bebe Cool List” & Awards


Kato Lubwama aka Biso a drama actor and media personality has branded singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool “very stupid”.

Bebe Cool, the knowledge behind the annual “Bebe Cool List” says he will seat with his team and vote for the best artist of the year and award him with a house as an award for his/efforts in the year.

Bebe claimed that the glass award they gave him was less of value in his music career as he could use them for anything apart from looking at them.

However, according to Kato Lubwama, Bebe Cool is “Very Stupid”. Kato says the Gagamel boss should know that those awards are the ones that made him what he is now.

Kato added that he doesn’t understand why the ‘Love You every day’ goes ahead to give away such kind of awards. He says those awards he calls mere glasses made him so he should award them to fellow stupid artistes. 

“Bebe Cool is stupid, he is entitled to want what he wants, I don’t know why he gives out such awards. Those awards made him, he awards them to fellow stupid artistes,” he said. 

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