Home Entertainment “I don’t see myself marrying Prima,” Geosteady speaks out

“I don’t see myself marrying Prima,” Geosteady speaks out

I MISSED YOU! Prima Kardashi, Geosteady reunite, chew eachother like there is no tomorrow

Talented singer Geosteady has revealed that he is not getting married to his ex-wife and baby mama Prima Kardashi.

Prima Kardashi and Goesteady have lately been close and romantic in the public but nothing has been revealed from the two concerning their relationship.

Businesswoman Prima Kardashi only said that Geosteady is the father of her children so there will always be a connection between them no matter what people say.

Though fans have been wondering whether the singer and baby mama are considering marriage, Geosteady cleared the air in a recent interview.

According to Geosteady, there is nothing between him and Prima Kardashi. He added that there are even no plans for them to get married again.

“I don’t see myself getting married to Prima, I used to have that vision but not anymore” – Singer Geosteady.

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