Home Entertainment Kapa Cat Gives Reasons Why Martha Mukisa’s Upcoming Sisaaga Concert Will Flop

Kapa Cat Gives Reasons Why Martha Mukisa’s Upcoming Sisaaga Concert Will Flop

Local dancehall rising singer Tumusiime Catherine commonly known as Kapa Cat has prophesied fellow musician Martha Mukisa’s upcoming Sisaaga concert to be a flop.

Kapa Cat has listed a number of reasons why the Black Market Entertainment signed singer will be singing for empty chairs come 12th May 2023 at her much anticipated Sisaaga concert that is set to go down at Freedom City, Namasuba.

In an exclusive interview with a YouTuber, the “You Guy’ singer has controversially stated how Martha Mukisa rushed to stage a music concert at a seemingly big venue like Freedom city yet she isn’t yet ripe to make such headlines.

With only one hit song, “Sango,” a collaboration that she made with famed singer Eddy Kenzo, Kapa believes the project isn’t enough to warrant a full attendance of partiers for Martha Mukisa’s upcoming concert at Freedom City.

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Kapa too believes Martha Mukisa lacks a sizeable music fan base no wonder holding a concert at this stage will be a lifetime embarrassment to the later as well as tarnishing the image of her fellow rising musicians.

The singer has continued to expose Martha Mukisa how she is sticking her hope on Eddy Kenzo whose a recognised artiste and also being part of the “Sango” music collaboration to pool a huge fans turn up.

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“Its not the right time for Martha Mukisa to hold a concert at Freedom City yet she has only one hit song to her name “Sango.” Its as If she is inviting partiers to come and see Eddy Kenzo,” Kapa Cat has partly stated.

Kapa Cat is worried Martha Mukisa’s show is also quite expensive yet she doesn’t have enough music in her gallery to honour value for money.

“We don’t want to be ashamed as rising musicians by misrepresentation from opportunists.

Even her show is expensive and no one will be willing to pay for one song to be sang from evening to midnight. Unless she cancels the event, Martha should be ready to get a few fans gathered through phone calls. Martha should stop bluffing.”-Kapa Cat

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However, several musicians like Eddy Kenzo and Mudra among others have vowed to support a sister thereby advising Martha Mukisa not be pulled down by negative energy.

Let’s hope this isn’t a stunt by Kapa Cat aimed at pushing Martha Mukisa’s Sisaaga music concert.