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No one will ever stop me from performing in my country – Eddy Kenzo

BREAKING: Court throws Eddy Kenzo into more tears, bans him from performing at any event in Uganda

Multiple Award winner and international artiste Eddy Kenzo real name Edirisa Musuuza is not worried about people trying to put him down.

Eddy Kenzo has come from far as an artiste to get where he is at the moment but as he has tried some people have tried to drag him backward.

Last month, Eddy Kenzo had a major show at the Eddy Kenzo festival. It was successful but the aftermath of it wasn’t that pleasing.

A certain events promoter Luba events came out to claim the Eddy Kenzo festival saying it was his idea and Eddy Kenzo selfishly took everything to himself.

Luba events went ahead to take Eddy Kenzo to court and he was stopped from performing anywhere in Uganda. However, it looks like everything was solved because Eddy Kenzo announced that he is back to performing.

According to Eddy Kenzo, no one will ever stop him from performing in Uganda.

“Sirina musango gwennakola okutegekka festival yange. Akilinamu obuzibu, obwo buzibu bwe. tewali asobola okungaana okuyimba mu ggwanga lyange” Eddy Kenzo

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