Home Entertainment Don Zella blasts critics deeping King Saha

Don Zella blasts critics deeping King Saha

KFM's Brian Mulondo trashes King Saha for performing on weddings smelling weed

The outspoken American based Ugandan socialite Nalongo Don Zella, real name Sheila Nadege has attacked those that try putting fellow artistes down because of unknown reasons. 

She says if people really care, they should contact the victim in person or their management and not go on the radio to address their issues.

Don Zella says this after Bebe Cool and Brian Mulondo attacked King Saha through the media saying he has a bad body odor. On that advising him to always spray himself after talking weed and especially when he has a performance.

“Me I will hire king Saha newaba awunya nga.. stop putting people down in the names of wanting kabampane no wonder people commit suicide because you kill thereself esteem that’s how media put Mozey Radio down until his last breath in Uganda even when you dying they will say it’s stunt temutusiliwalirako as we clients we hire his voice his appearance ebya perfume totubulira as long as guests are happy we shall press next button mubitibwa!!! TEAM SAHA if you cared soo much you would have contacted him directly or speak to his management not on radio we love ♥️ weed ffe ba client,” she said through her Facebook page. 

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