Home Entertainment Comedy Store to Awards best comedians

Comedy Store to Awards best comedians

Comedy Store to Awards best comedians

The weekly comedy show owned by comedian and singer Alex Muhangi, Comedy Store Uganda is set to award the best comedians of the year 2022.

Comedy Store Awards had its first experience in 2019 but due to Covid-19, the Awards were hosted visually, however, they are returning this year much big and better.

The 2019 edition had Madrat & Chiko winning Best Comedy Duo, Amooti Omubalanguzi crowned Legendary Comedian, Mighty Family – Best Upcoming Comedians, Maulana & Reign – Fans’ Choice, Bizonto – Best Comedy Group, Senga Justine Nantume awarded Outstanding Performance Act.

The dates of when this year’s Awards will be held are yet to be announced. The winners will be announced and posted on social media at the same time.

The categories are not only about comedians, there are others like best media personalities and so many others.

For the comedians, here are some that have been nominated and fans are continuing to nominate others as asked.

Here is the list of other categories that need nominations;

It should be noted that different celebrities in Uganda don’t believe in the Ugandan Awards because they think there are full of corruption and people who get awarded usually don’t deserve it.

We are keeping a close eye on Comedy Store Awards, Boom Uganda snoops will have you posted.

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