Home Entertainment Martha Mukisa tags her music career success to Eddy Kenzo

Martha Mukisa tags her music career success to Eddy Kenzo

Martha Mukisa attributes her music career success to Eddy Kenzo

Singer Martha Mukisa has attributed her music career and her success in the music industry to fellow singer and Grammy Awards nominee Edrisa Musuuza also known as Eddy Kenzo.

Martha Mukisa started her music career a few years ago. Although she is talented she didn’t get to the top of her game not until Eddy Kenzo gave her a collaboration of the song ‘Sango’ which blew up the airwaves.

Ever since that song, Martha Mukisa didn’t look back she officially kick-started her music career and up to now, she is still moving forward.

As she releases her new EP of seven songs titled ‘Sisaga’ she said it all because of Eddy Kenzo and she can’t thank him enough because without him her career wouldn’t be where it is.

Beautiful Martha Mukisa revealed that she wishes all Ugandan big artistes were like Eddy Kenzo because he is very different and wishes everyone the best in whatever they are doing.

“I am releasing an EP because of Eddy Kenzo, he opened up doors for me and I am using them very well. If it wasn’t him I wouldn’t be here. The fact that he believed in me and gave me a collaboration I can’t even thank him enough,” Martha Mukisa revealed.

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