Home Entertainment “I’m not at war with Prima Kardashi,” Mr Henrie clears air

“I’m not at war with Prima Kardashi,” Mr Henrie clears air

Galaxy FM's Mr. Henrie leads Mcees list on ex-girlfriend Prima Kardashi's wedding with hubby Geosteady

Mr. Henrie a media personality and show host on Galaxy FM has revealed that his not at war with his ex-girlfriend Prima Kardashi.

Mr. Henrie says that this is a 21st century where people behave professionally. Henrie added that he is not a sworn enemy of Prima Kardashi despite the fact that they are not dating anymore. 

“We are not sworn enemies. At the end of the day, she is a human being and I am also a human being much as we are not relating anymore,” Mr Henrie said.

Henrie said all this after netizens said much about him losing Prima Kardashi who is currently allegedly reunited with baby daddy Geosteady.

Since Prima’s return to her husband, many critics have been bitterly saying hurting words towards Mr. Henrie, and some feeling sorry for him about his loss.

Prima and Henrie started dating in November 2020 a month after Prima had separated from baby daddy Geosteady. They broke up in June 2022.

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