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WATCH: Winnie Nwagi parades fat nyash, tells dull bloggers to feed on it

WATCH: Winnie Nwagi parades fat 'Nyash', tells dull bloggers to kiss it

If you ever feel like trolling, then there is someone you wouldn’t want to mess with and that’s none other than songstress Winnie Nwagi.

At any time she detects any disrespect or troll towards you, she will call you out, insult you or even thump you if you are near her.

She took to her Instagram page to tell all disgusting bloggers to kiss her a$$.

And guess what, she attached a video of her big fat Nyash that she wants the bloggers to kiss.

“Y’all miserable disgusting bloggers shd just kiss my a$$ respectfully.”

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A post shared by WINNIE NWAGI (@winnienwagi)

This follows embarrassing photos of her that surfaced on social media.

This was during her performance at the House of Music concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Nwagi’s makeup all appeared to be rained away in sweat.

This has left social media users and bloggers writing about how this looked so disgusting.

And the Firebaby wasn’t going to let that slide as she decided to bullet them down.

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