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“Toyina Kyotugamba! Shut up coz your tongue was always in my sumbie,” Prima Kardashi blasts Mr. Henry

Geosteady ex-wife, and mother to his children, Prima Kardashi has bitterly attacked Mr. Henrie for dissing women who have bleached yet he is always bedding them.

Prima started dating Mr. Henry in 2020 after she broke up with Geosteady in 2019 after he got another girl pregnant.

Her relationship moved on well until early this year when she decided to call it quits saying Mr. Henrie is too perfect for her and she feels she can’t cope with him.

However, Mr. Henrie looks to have gotten annoyed with Prima for rejecting him as he started to trash talk about her, especially her lifestyle.

Being a bleached woman, Prima Kardashi has to stand up for herself and that’s how she called out to Mr. Henrie to stop dissing ladies like her because he once chewed them.

“Those who say women who bleach Tebawooma, are the same people who are always mubisambi nga bavulubana,” Prima said

It should be noted that Prima is currently on good terms with ex-husband Geosteady and they are co-parenting.

Watch the video below:

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